Where to begin?

We start by testing your home. We use thermal cameras to check for voids in your walls and missing insulation. We use a blower door test to check how leaky your home is. Another test we perform is a Duct leakage test.

Should I Test My Home?

Yes, you should test your home. For example, when you take your car to a mechanic or take your children the doctor, they run tests. So the doctor checks the weight of your child, the height of your child and maybe temperature. This helps the doctor with his plan of action. The testing of your home does the same for us, it helps with the direction of the plan.

Who will test my home?

This is what makes enso² unique, it will be either myself, Joel, or my brother Joel. We each have at least 25 years of experience in the construction field. We at enso² believe it’s important that the person doing the testing should also be the person presenting the report and if the client chooses to move forward with the work. The person in charge of the project will be the one who tested your home. One point man from start to finish.

Done, Now What?

After the testing has been concluded, we take the information gathered and enter it into an energy model program, creating an energy report. At this point you, the client, and enso² will go over the report. This will allow for a step by step plan of action. As for the report, you paid for it therefore it’s yours to keep.


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