Testing Services

Helps us determine where the heat loss is coming from in the winter. In summer it helps us determine where the heat grain is coming from as in missing insulation.

Helps us determine how leaky the home is. The leakier the home the more energy is used to cool or heat the home.

Duct testing is used to find duct leakage. The average ductwork leaks about 30-35% in other words if your ducks are in the attic and the leakage is 30% you are wasting 30 cents on the dollar.


If the level of carbon monoxide is high this could lead to fainting, vomiting and even death if the levels get high enough. Each year, 400 Americans die from unintentional CO poisoning not linked to fires, more than 20,000 visit the emergency room, and more than 4,000 are hospitalized.

In common usage, a gas leak refers to a leak of natural gas from a pipeline or other containment into a living area or any other area where the gas should not be present. Because natural gas may explode when exposed to flame or sparks, this situation is very dangerous to the general public. This is why we check for signs of any potential leaks.

Building Services

By air sealing you reduce unwanted air from penetrating the home.

By insulting your home properly you reduce your energy consumption by not having to use your furnace in winter or your AC in summer.

High Efficient AC or heat pump can help you reduce your energy bill by 30-50%.

Low E glass helps reflect the heat in summer and hold the heat in winter.

Solar will eliminate your energy bill. Contact us for a consultation about going solar.


Worried about pricing?

We at enso² have a client list that runs from the well to do, to everyday people. One of our biggest achievements is the fact that we have been able to make Performance Contracting affordable to most people who own a home.


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