Who is enso²?

We are a Licensed General Contractor through the State of Californiawho specializes in making your home safer, healthier, more effecientand comfortable. We are certified by the Building Performance Institute who is the leading certifier in the country for building science.

Frequently Asked Questions

A performance contractor is a company that uses diagnostic equipment before we start the job, during the job, and once the job is completed.By using this equipment it insures that the job we are doing is done properly and verified. Also the material that is used is of better quality than what building code calls for.

We start our process by testing your home. Some of the tests involved include the use of Thermal Cameras, Blower Doors, as well as Duct Leakage tests. Through these tests we take the information and we gather it to form an Energy Report to go over with us, to plan an action step by step.

We are a participating contractor in the SoCal Gas and SoCal Edison Program, Energy Upgrade & Home Upgrade as well as San Diego Gas & Electric Program. These programs have rebates from $1,500 to $8,000 depending on the work being done. We do all the paperwork and testing for the rebate program.


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